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I recently had a few moments to watch a couple of stations out of Orlando deliver a newscast on one of our colder nights of the season. The market may be much larger than ours, but the impact of freezing temperatures or wind chills to their audience is very similar. Our resources and visuals may not be exactly the same, but some of the techniques they used to tell the weather story off the top of their shows are very effective. WESH is a market leader in news and weather, and I have no doubt that nights like this prove why. Check it out!

FOX35/51 Example

WESH-2 Example

As a reminder, changes have been made to the Forecast Backstage to ensure we all stay on the same page each day. You won’t receive as many emails from me (as in the past). Instead, information related to daily ops will be posted there. Everyone have a great week and stay warm!




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