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Hi Guys,

Wheneverpart 1 we send out a tweet or status updates, we hope its

1) acknowledged
2) clicked
3) retweeted or shared

So what happens when all three are accomplished? What if someone comments back?

We Respond.


Using hashtags will obviously attract random people from all over, and sometimes they just care enough to respond. We don’t know if they are viewers, digital followers, or creepy fans. But none the less, the right things to do is acknowledge that they took the time to click, share, and or comment.

It shouldn’t take much thought, so here are some examples, as well as, my go to response for the occasional non-weather related comment.

Example Comment from a local person or follower
(@WeatherEnthusiast) “Those are some cold temperatures”
(My response) “Sure are @weatherenthusiast but no fear, the warmer weather is near. Stay tuned for the 6-day tonight at 6”

Comments from stranger
(@WeatherGeekFromColorado): “Man I wish I was in Florida to enjoy that sunshine”
(My response) “Yep! There is no complaining here! Sunny and 75. But at least @WeatherGeekFromColorado you get snow.”

Comments from a creeper      brown-and-lucy

(@Creeper) “You sure are looking good today”
My response: “We appreciate your viewership @Crepper enjoy your weekend”

Congrats on the end of the semester!!!

Merry Christmas,



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