The title of this story might be one we can repeat multiple times this winter.  Warmer than normal temperatures are expected in Florida for the next three months, largely because of a La Nina that has formed.

That’s not to say there won’t be some cold spurts. Gainesville was climbing out of one Saturday.


Despite much of the nation heading for a deep freeze, Florida is likely to miss out on these polar plunges. The upper level steering current, often referred to as the jet stream, is at it again.  I explain why in this video.


The fast winds aloft from the west won’t allow the coldest of air to penetrate too deep into the Southeast. Yes, temperatures will fluctuate a bit and cool down at times. Overall, however, they are likely to stay above normal for the next ten days.



Even though it will be warm in Gainesville, the record highs are likely safe. Monday and Tuesday’s record high is 85 (1949,1948) and Wednesday’s is 84 (1967).


Meteorologist Jeff Huffman

Meteorologist Jeff Huffman is no stranger to just about every type of weather. Growing up in Missouri, he developed a passion for understanding thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms. Several personal experiences at a young age put him dangerously close to these incredible forces of nature. Upon graduating from the University of Missouri, he continued tracking the extreme weather for 8 years as the Morning Meteorologist for the ABC and FOX22 affiliates in Mid-Missouri. In 2011, he couldn't resist the challenge to head south and take on tracking tropical storms. He accepted a position with the University of Florida's Multimedia Properties as the Chief Meteorologist. He first developed a 24-hour weather, news, and sports channel whereby students can gain real-world experience on their journey to becoming broadcast meteorologists. In 2013, Jeff worked with stations all over the state to build the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network, a collaborative effort by all public media in the state to keep their audiences informed of hazardous tropical weather. In his free time, Jeff enjoys playing tennis, working out, exploring nature, and occasionally sleeping.