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Severe thunderstorms capable of producing wind damage and hail are possible Monday afternoon from Melbourne to Miami.

The stronger cells will be capable of producing wind gusts over 60 mph, hail up to the size of nickels, and torrential downpours. The heavy downpours could cause localized flooding, especially in low-lying areas and along poorly drained roadways. Another particularly dangerous feature of these storms will be their frequent production of cloud-to-ground lightning. The frequency of strikes could exceed 100 per 10 minutes at times in some areas. The storms will also likely move quickly, leaving little time to find shelter.

The cold front that resulted in several reports of wind damage across state over the weekend has stalled across central Florida. Thunderstorm development is expected ahead of it across inland areas south of I-4 just after lunchtime, with the cells strengthening as they move south and east toward the Atlantic Coast. Estimated times of arrival, or when residents are urged to be ready to seek shelter inside, are listed below…

Melbourne: 3 to 5 pm
Fort Pierce: 4 to 8 pm
West Palm Beach: 2 to 5 pm
Fort Lauderdale: 2 to 5 pm
Miami: 2 to 5 pm

The showers may continue through 11 PM, but the threat of severe weather should diminish in most areas by early evening.

Meteorologist Megan Borowski and Cyndee O’Quinn contributed to this story.

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