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Hurricane Preparedness for the Hearing Impaired

July 27, 2022
Hurricane Preparedness for the Hearing Impaired

Floridians who are deaf or hard of hearing have the opportunity to virtually participate in a presentation covering general hurricane preparedness with an ASL interpreter. The National Weather Service forecast office in New Orleans will be hosting a webinar this Thursday at 6 PM CDT. Even though there will be some Louisiana-focused material, it will primarily be about general tropical weather information.

Florida residents who are hearing impaired can greatly benefit from this webinar based on hurricane prep and safety. It’s a 1- hour presentation followed by an open Q&A period. Registration is not required and sign language interpretation will be provided!,Here is the link that will go live shortly before webinar begins: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fus06web.zoom.us%2Fj%2F84167265801%3Fpwd%3DNTBmUE85NzN3M0UvZVUwZWtyeENzZz09%26fbclid%3DIwAR3iEMCZikkaN3codFTYZ5NXSgxFNaJxYv2_H5W8CyTjtOl3Y3vfvWTCAuE&h=AT1YNhqeAW0ie0kw0WXMItltueRmyBnIxmUe_e0UGhSMkyzTuif4M386W1OXqM4IouKt0oO8_yme1uL5_5COhY-6HXWPq46sECodIDqnEZKEbdjQAMY8X0IkE4vaF1uQ_jbW&__tn__=-UK-y-R&c[0]=AT20gK8nX6SSLjU3bWQaT-Pk8m96k9QW6PyBfM5Zd4_JBeQZhm3v5o3Is4h0yJgJp9I2PIVv1nGbPDWuq4y61a3np_1AIA05ZPvDEMmkckMf15b7kP5XRm4aKRZF7NBYF4C3xyLTMJGNGS9iMoLQBKuyHob-SMROnTTr4yZr9-jvwQ0_Wet9MSg8Na56AUqr78ZwnA,Please pass this information on to your deaf and hard of hearing community.

Sources include nearest National Weather Service office, National Hurricane Center, and the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network (@FloridaStorms).
Sources include nearby emergency management agencies, FEMA, and your local NPR affiliate. 
Sources include the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Highway Patrol and other nearby traffic information.

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