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Why Fog Forms Is No Longer ‘Foggy’

[ebs_oscvideo type="vimeo" link="" dimensions="16by9"]   Fog is generally just a nuisance. It can be an inconvenience during your commute or a real bother for the golf game.  The truth is, fog can be a significant weather hazard and one that must…

Brain Freeze: How to Stay Safe in a Cold Snap

[yt4wp-video video_id="vNNuoNW5oH0"]   The coldest air of the winter season will be arriving overnight, and it could even break records in Gainesville by Thursday night.  The UF Weather Team from the College of Journalism and Communications wants to remind you…

Why Frost Can’t Make Frosty (the Snowman)

With record-breaking temperatures well below freezing and all the attention drawn to the piles of early-season snow in New York, its no surprise Floridians are questioning what they saw on the ground this morning.  Yes, it was frozen.  But no,  it…

Florida Storms
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