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Our Florida Public Media Partners

Florida Public Media (FPM) stations provide a critical link in the state’s Emergency Management Network during a crisis by broadcasting important weather, safety and evacuation information to protect residents during storms, hurricanes and other severe weather events.

FPM’s statewide infrastructure provides easy access to information during emergencies, with special signage along state evacuation routes to identify public radio stations in the area. Public safety and emergency messaging content generated by the FPREN team, air and appear on the media platforms of our 13 partner stations:

Since 2016, Citizens Property Insurance has been a proud statewide supporter of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network.

Our Government Agency Partners

Since its inception, FPREN has worked in partnership with the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service as well as local, state, and federal public safety/emergency management agencies.  These close collaborations support our common mission of keeping Americans informed and safe at all times.

In 2020, FPREN partnered with the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM), the Florida Association of Broadcasters (FAB) and the Florida Outdoor Advertising Association (FOAA) to launch a statewide communication initiative, “Know Your Zone, Know Your Home”, a campaign designed to enhance people’s knowledge of their evacuation zone and to encourage hurricane planning. Very successful, the campaign was upgraded and broadcast again during the 2021 hurricane season with the FAB.

South Carolina Emergency Information Network

In 2018, FPREN partnered with South Carolina Public Radio and South Carolina ETV (SCETV) to launch the South Carolina Emergency Information Network (SCEIN).  SCEIN focuses on building local public media brands by delivering timely safety information and emergency messaging to public radio and TV stations across the state.

Through South Carolina Public Radio stations, SCETV , scetv.org, and social media channels, SCEIN provides residents with live, breaking information related to natural disasters and other significant emergency events including hurricanes, tropical storms, and severe weather. Various multimedia platforms and unique tools are continuously being added including the installation of eight remote weather stations with live camera systems, enhanced website elements, plus severe weather, and emergency messaging upgrades to SCETV’s social media accounts.

FPREN and SCEIN serve as effective conduits from emergency management, public safety, and other local, state, and federal agencies directly to millions of people via the resilient public broadcasting systems in place throughout Florida and South Carolina.  This broad network of local public media stations provides the important severe weather, safety, and evacuation information to assist in protecting residents at all times.




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Partners of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network include: Florida's Division of Emergency Management, WDNA (Miami), WFIT (Melbourne), WMFE (Orlando), WFSU (Tallahassee), WGCU (Fort Myers), WJCT (Jacksonville), WKGC (Panama City), WLRN (Miami), WMNF (Tampa-Sarasota), WQCS (Fort Pierce), WUFT (Gainesville-Ocala), WUSF (Tampa), WUWF (Pensacola) and Florida Public Media.

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