Tools We Use

Our digital tools make it easy for partner stations to stay connected and current. This page illustrates the workflow process — how content gets from us to our partners.


Slack can be used on desktop computers or mobile devices (IOS and Android). Here are 5 quick tips on how to use the Slack app.

Here are some examples of Slack channels and hashtags we use at FPREN, as well as an example of how a message would appear.

We use the Slack platform to quickly communicate with all FPREN partner stations about weather news, content planning, and storm coverage operations.

Each partner station has a specific Slack channel dedicated to direct communication with the FPREN team of meteorologists and journalists. In these channels, partner station staff can tag the FPREN team to ask specific questions about hazards expected for their market, schedule interviews with meteorologists, etc. Furthermore, it is through these channels that stations receive notifications about content that FPREN staff are working on for their market. Stations also receive notifications once FPREN staff have published the digital/audio content on Grove/PRX.

In addition to the station-specific channels, a FPREN partner-wide channel, “fpren-ops,” is a space dedicated to inter-station communications. In this channel, station staff across the state can collaborate with each other and the FPREN team. It is in this space that announcements about storm operations are made.

Examples of Messages

What Are Slack Threads?

Threads are important to consider if you want to keep your station’s channel looking clean and easier to navigate.

Use a thread when your question or comment is related to a message already in the channel.

All threads you communicate or are mentioned in can be accessed in a top menu item called “Threads.”

How to Use Slack Threads


Automatic digital content for partner stations!

All digital articles are published via the NPR Grove platform. Each station can subscribe to specific Grove “tags” including “FPREN” and their station call letters (for example, WUSF would subscribe to the “WUSF” tag). FPREN content producers select the relevant tags when publishing digital content, and these digital articles automatically populate any station website that subscribes to the tag.

Stations will receive notifications about story publication via their individual Slack channel.

Florida News Exchange on PRX

FPREN audio stories for air during “Morning Edition,” “Here and Now,” and “All Things Considered” are published on Florida News Exchange under the type Hurricanes and Weather. Stations will receive notifications about story publication via their individual Slack channel.