Coverage Phases

The FPREN team continually monitors weather conditions across the tropics, the country, and the entire Northern Hemisphere. Whenever our meteorologists identify potential severe or tropical system impacts to Florida, the team transitions into their Storm Operations workflow. During this time, our meteorologists and content producers create audio, digital, and television media to include the following public safety information: current conditions, the latest forecast, expected hazards and timing, and emergency management bulletins. Our media partners disseminate this content through their television, radio, and digital platforms.

FPREN Storm Operations consists of three levels, or operational “phases.” Phase activation is dictated by the severity and timing of the hazard and is therefore unique to each event.

Phase III

A tropical system has potential impacts to Florida within 3 days, OR a non-tropical weather event may affect the state in the next 48 hours (e.g., severe weather).

  • Multi-platform content is increased and shared regularly to include Morning Edition and All Things Considered audio.
  • Interviews (live or recorded) from the Storm Center available per request.
  • The #fpren-ops Slack channel will be monitored, and meteorologists will offer LIVE radio coverage in certain situations (e.g., tornado warnings, significant flash flooding, etc.)
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Phase II

A tropical cyclone is likely to significantly impact OR continue to impact the state for an extended period. Activation will be dependent on the potential size, scope, and duration of the event.

  • Meteorologists will provide LIVE updates of storm-specific information from the Storm Center.
  • Meteorologists will record 30-second updates or bites to distribute via Slack and PRX. Updates will be sent hourly at the bottom of the hour.
  • 1-minute TV updates with latest storm information.
  • Content distribution from Phase III continues at increased intervals.
  • Interviews (live or recorded) from Storm Center available per request.
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Phase I

A tropical cyclone is imminent or occurring and expected to cause high-end impacts for an extended period. Activation will be dependent on the size, scope, and duration of the event.

  • LIVE wall-to-wall team coverage at various times during the hour
  • 1-minute TV tapings with latest storm information
  • Additional content by request
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Each Phase has specific audio, digital, and social content that will be provided to FPREN’s public media partner’s platforms for distribution under their local brand.

When it becomes likely a tropical system will impact the state, FPREN promptly launches into their Storm Operations workflow. At this time, the team follows designated “Clocks” to broadcast live, hourly weather updates on all public radio stations impacted across Florida. Live radio coverage will continue for the duration of the event or until this level of coverage is no longer deemed necessary.